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"At Bath-and-Body.com, we realize that the best way to convert surfers into buyers is to make certain that our website is not only attractive and informative but also easy to use and very secure. The problem is that most visitors won't realize that our entire website is easy to use and secure until they actually make a purchase.

With our listings in SSN, we now receive a steady stream of traffic from visitors who know that our site has been given top ratings for safety, performance and usability by an impartial testing technology BEFORE they visit our site. The result... more trust and (even better) more sales."

Ken Greenlee - President

Silverbow Honey Company

"Silverbow Honey Company would like to recognize the Safe Shopping Network for their outstanding performance. Over the first few weeks of membership we noticed a great increase in sales, nearly tripling our gross online income over a one month period, versus operating alone on our overture.com account the month before. We thank them for all their hard work and dedication. We highly recommend this service to anyone seeking a cost effective means of online advertisement."

Aaron Grigg, Internet Sales Manager