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How do we increase consumer confidence and sales to your web site?
As SSN users visit Safe Shopping Network,they are exposed to your safety, usability and performance scores thus gaining confidence in your website. The result: A click to sales ratio typically eight times that of other resources or traffic.

Why does consumer confidence matter?
SSN helps increase trust in your web site. The chart below shows that of the 68 million US Internet users, about 19.7 million are not afraid to buy online. The numbers also clearly show that the vast majority of users (between 61 and 71% of all US Internet users do not shop on line, primarily because they are afraid to trust web sites (or the people behind them).

This data clearly points to the fact that most of the potential consumer market is yet untapped due to one of two scenarios. First, web site merchants have not yet found a way to convince potential patrons of their web site’s security, performance, privacy, usability, availability or safety. Furthermore, they have no way to objectively show that they are continuously working to improve thest factors. Second. the consumer does not have the ability to sit and review objective data regarding the web site’s performance or performance improvement efforts.

Safe Shopping Network addresses these problems allowing your buiness to tap onto a new market of onling shoppers preferring not to guess at whether or not hey should trust a site. This strategy allows your business tremendous opportunity for success when listing your site on our network.


"At Bath-and-Body.com, we realize that the best way to convert surfers into buyers is to make certain that our website is not only attractive and informative but also easy to use and very secure. The problem is that most visitors won't realize that our entire website is easy to use and secure until they actually make a purchase.

With our listings in SSN, we now receive a steady stream of traffic from visitors who know that our site has been given top ratings for safety, performance and usability by an impartial testing technology BEFORE they visit our site. The result... more trust and (even better) more sales."

Ken Greenlee - President