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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Safe Shopping Network?
SSN is a directory is where over six million people each month come to find the best and safest web sites. People are simply tired of searching the web only to find thousands of irrelevant and often absurd web sites. Within our directory, users find that every site is scored for safety, performance and usability so they can find the best sites fast.

How does my company benefit from listing?
Your company can benefit greatly from being listed in our categories. The traffic you receive is 8x more effective than any other search engine or directory. We raise consumer confidence with our scores so you can expect a greater click to purchase ratio and the most effective advertising on the web. We don't just deliver clicks, we deliver sales.

How do I get listed?
Placing your site is the SSN directory is easy. Just click here to review your options..

How long has SSN been in business?
We officially formed in February 2000. The site launched September 14, 2000. Our consumer protection technologies have been developed for over the past 3 years in Thailand by a team of programmers specializing in statistics. Partnerships with high end testing technology companies are also used.

What is the industry-standard click-to-purchase ratio on the Internet? .07%

What is SSN's average click-to-purchase ratio? 5.2%

Where does SSN get its traffic? Many various places, banner and tower ad campaigns, search engine listings and opt-in email lists. Our traffic is highly targeted and is designed to bring traffic directly into each category independently. We do everything possible to get the highest quality traffic and pass it on to you with a twist of consumer confidence.

How will my site be ranked in the directory? All listings are ranked by alphabetical order set by default. The user is able to rank the category listings by either Safety, Performance, or Usability scores

How much traffic does SSN get per month? Over 6 million visitors per month.

When will my website go up after I pay? Usually within 3-5 business days after we receive your listing and payment information.

What does the usability test look for? - The quality of the homepage, content/product pages, customer service, and the order processing.

What does the Performance test look for? Download time, link validity, & Html validity.

What does the Safety test look for? Shopping cart function, delivery provider, overall security and over 2000 vulnerabilities.

What if I need to make changes to my site once it's has already been added to SSN?
You can call or send an email to your account representative.

Can I buy banner advertising from SSN? No, we don't display any type of banner ads at SSN. We find it to slightly decrease the quality of traffic we send to our merchants..

Can I give you (SSN) a tracking link for my listings? Yes

How do I track the traffic from SSN:
You may track it any way you choose by providing us with a link. Within the next few months we will launch a member area where you can also see our tracking statistics.

How do you know you are still going to be in business in a year from now?
We are already a profitable company that has been in business for over three years and whose founders have already built other very successful Internet ventures so absolutely yes..

Where is SSN located? Our headquarters are located in Tarzana, CA.

Please feel free to call directly at 818.609.9726 Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific time (closed major holidays) for any additional questions you may have. For email assistance click here.