About Our Testing

Overall Web Site Test Scores

What are Overall Web Site Test Ratings?
A SafeShoppingNetwork web site receives an Overall Web Site Test Score after all Safety, Performance and Usability testing are completed. These three scores are added together and divided by 3 to obtain an average and overall rating for the web site.

How is Safety Rated?
Some merchants care, some don't. That's why we perform rigorous safety testing on each website listed!

How is Performance Rated
"Error 404, page not found" We hate that! Sites where the links don't work, are slow, or are poorly designed get low scores!

How is Usability Rated?
Some sites just make no sense or are hard to navigate. That's why our team of shopper/writers visit each one to give you their personal opinion. more...

How do I know what �Good� and �Bad� Performance Scores are?
The Overall Web Site Test Score is the single most important score we use to rate Web Sites. A web site may be strong in one tested component but not strong in another. In order to achieve a rating of 95 or better, the site has to be consistently strong and very consumer oriented.

When you look at the SafeShoppingNetwork Web Site Overall Score, you are seeing the total score that results from the addition of all individually tested items. The maximum Total Overall Score possible is 100 points.

If you look at the chart below, you can see how web sites generally score when tested for Overall Ratings. The SafeShoppingNetwork excludes those sites that score below 70 points from our listings.

You can see from the chart that out of 965 sites tested by the SafeShoppingNetwork, none were automatically disqualified based on their overall score. Most ecommerce managers that ask us to test them do so because they are proud of their sites. We may uncover weaknesses for them to focus on, but if you look at the presentation of sites in the SafeShoppingNetwork, you will find quality.

You can also see that most sites earn Performance Scores between 75 and 95 points. The real champs, from our test data, are those that score 95 or above. Only 23 out of 965 tested sites made into this top overall category. That gives you, the consumer, the top 2.4 percent. It�s tough to make it into that group!

Why are these findings so important?
The Overall Web Site Scores are of extreme importance. Overall ratings indicate whether or not specific websites are actually work in a manner of the highest standards. You can easily see for yourself how well a site performs by looking at the �Overall� meter bar. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find such objective and technical findings. There are many well-known sites on the web that have a good exterior but with very poor in usability, safety or performance. Some site owners have little or no regard for the consumer's needs or do not have the technical ability to build an overall strong web site.

Our directory lists only the top rated ecommerce sites.

Don't be fooled by "Awards" and "Citations".
As you travel the web, you'll inadvertently hit any number of websites that display different kinds of awards and citations for "quality". Those issuing such awards do not use software to objectively evaluate the website nor do they issue awards based on shopper evaluations. The SafeShoppingNetwork does!

An Important Consumer Note
The SafeShoppingNetwork provides both general and detailed test scores to all listed web site managers. We also provide them with the tools to compare their scores to other web sites in their listing categories and, when requested, we provide them with consulting assistance so that they may improve their scores and their web site presentations.

The SafeShoppingNetwork commitment is to continuous Internet quality improvement.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our test technologies, our score reporting, and web site quality.