About Our Testing

Performance Ratings

What are Performance Ratings?
The SafeShoppingNetwork Performance rating system is designed to answer the question: Does everything work? This is a case where things can look good and the site can test safely, but may have slow downloads, broken links or poor HTML coding.

Don't let the fancy words scare you. Performance ratings are simple. Our technology does all the work. Performance ratings bring up test results for the following three criteria:

Download Time
Link Validity
Html Validity

What is Download Time?
Download time is the amount of time it takes for a page to actually come up on your screen.

What is Link Validity?
Link validity determines whether or not a link works. When you click on a word or a direction, does it actually take you there? Or do you get a page that "cannot be displayed" or is completely irrelevant?

What is Html Validity?
Html validity is the heart and soul of a website. It determines whether or not the site works. It is the foundation. If something is wrong with the html programming, then the structure of the website is weak. You'll either get broken links, missing parts or a long drawn-out load time. Nobody wants to waste time. Most internet users are in a hurry. If a page doesn't load quickly users immediately click off the site and a potential sale is lost.

Why are these ratings so important?
Performance testing is critical because it tells you how well the website is put together. You can easily look at the meters to see how well a site tests and decide if you want to even visit a particular site. Performance ratings give the consumer power in making individual decisions on whether or not a site is safe and reliable.

How do I know what �Good� and �Bad� Performance Scores are?
When you look at the SafeShoppingNetwork Web Site Performance Score, you are seeing the total score that results from the addition of the individual Download Time, Link Validity, and HTML Validity scores.

The maximum Total Performance Score possible is 100 points.If you look at the chart below, you can see how web sites generally score when tested for Performance Ratings.The SafeShoppingNetwork excludes those sites that score below 70 points from our listings.

You can see from the chart that out of about 1000 sites tested for safety, about 70 were automatically disqualified. These sites simply did not pass our minimum Performance Standards. You can also see that most sites earn Performance Scores between 70 and 90 points. The real champs, from our test data, are those that score 90 or above.

Why are these findings so important?

The Performance Download Time, Link Validity and HTML Validity are of extreme importance. Performance ratings indicate whether or not specific websites are actually work as intended. You can easily see for yourself how well a site performs by looking at the meter bar. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find such objective and technical findings. There are many well-known sites out there that have a good exterior but with very poor performance ratings. Some site owners have little or no regard for the consumer's needs or do not have the technical ability to build a �Performing� web site. Our directory lists only the top rated Performance sites.

Don't be fooled by "Awards" and "Citations
As you travel the web, you'll inadvertently hit any number of websites that display different kinds of awards and citations for "good Performance". Those issuing such awards do not use software to objectively evaluate the website nor do they issue awards based on shopper evaluations. The SafeShoppingNetwork does!

An Important Consumer Note

The SafeShoppingNetwork provides both general and detailed test scores to all listed web site managers. We also provide them with the tools to compare their scores to other web sites in their listing categories and, when requested, we provide them with consulting assistance so that they may improve their scores and their web site presentations.

The SafeShoppingNetwork commitment is to continuous Internet quality improvement.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve our test technologies, our score reporting, and web site quality.